Dadbods Gaming is a PC Gaming community for laid back gamer dads.

When you think about gamers in general, some of the terms that come to mind are: toxic, aggravating, argumentative, disrespectful, foul mouthed. The list goes on and on. Especially if you've ever played League of Legends, or on Xbox Live.  

Gaming is geared and marketed toward the younger crowd for obvious reasons, but the reality is we’re not all like that.


Dadbods members have kids, a family, a career, and other priorities.   We only have limited time to put into gaming and when we do finally find the time to unwind, we don’t want to be more stressed and aggravated than before we started. Gaming is our outlet to unwind, not argue with disrespectful hormone enraged brats.

So here we are.  

Dadbods Gaming was founded in August 2017 by a few close friends in the Oklahoma City area. We created Dadbods as a place for laid back gamers like us to hang out and play together. We wanted our community to be a “grown up” environment. A safe haven for calm, laid back, respectful gamers, guys just like us. What a better demographic than dads.


So maybe you’re like us:  anxious wife wanting you to get offline, screaming kids in the background, a stressful job that you want to stop thinking about for a little bit. Maybe you will need to go AFK randomly to change a diaper or something.. so what? Family comes first and we get it.


If you’re a dad and looking for a no drama, non-toxic, grown up gaming environment, this is the social club for you!

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