Guild Name:    Dadbods Gaming 

Server:             Rattlegore 

Faction:           For the Alliance!

Dadbods Gaming Guild is a social guild first, raiding guild second. 

The goal of our Guild is to provide a mature, drama-free environment for people to enjoy the Classic WoW experience. In addition to raiding on Sunday and Monday nights, we love to hang out, shoot the shit, and help each other get through content. Check out the Guild event calendar below!

If that sounds like your jam, give us a holler in-game (try /who Dadbods) or join the Discord and message an online Officer!

- Lake

Guild Master

NOTE: While the Dadbods Gaming Community is a closed group for "Dad Gamers" only, our WoW classic Guild is open to all laid back and respectful gamers, not just dads.

Join the Discord

Due to our WoW guild being open to all laid back gamers (not just dads), we have created a separate Discord server just for the guild!

World of Warcraft is a fun game, but its way more fun when played with friends!


Click the button below to join the Dadbods Gaming Guild Discord server.

Guild Events

No upcoming events.